AC Surge Protector

  • SG Power manufactures and supplies a wide range of AC surge protectors. We offer Surge Protection Devices manufactured using high-tech technologies for protecting residential or commercial.
  • Our products can protect your installation by limiting transient over-voltages and diverting surge currents to ground.
  • These days, residential and commercial buildings are majorly reliant on the efficient and continuous running of AC. However, over-voltage surges badly affect the efficient operation of ACs. It is the key reason for the failure of air conditioners.
  • The Surge Protecting Devices designed by us is the best option to protect electrical equipment from high discharge current and high operating voltage, which occurs due to direct and indirect switching, lighting strikes, switching of the utility grid, and more.
  • Give a call to us if you are looking out for reliable and guaranteed AC Surge Protector in India. We supply products to distributors, suppliers, and wholesalers, or even those who want the products in bulk.
AC Surge Protector Manufacturer and Supplier