Building Lightning Arrester

  • At SG Power, the building lighting arresters are made using copper & brass alloy, as they are the best conductor of electricity. The arrestor rods come with a very high ground coverage of up to 60 meters. The products that we supply are made using the best quality raw materials to meet the industry standards and the government norms and regulations. At SG Power, our engineers manufacture building lighting arresters using advanced technologies and conduction quality checks at every stage and angle.
  • With increases cases of damages due to lighting during rainy seasons, using a building lighting arrester is a must. A lighting arrestor rod installed on the exterior of a building can prevent the structural damage of your property caused by lighting and similar discharges. It protects you from a huge loss if your property is exposed to lighting due to materials, location, or other factors. A building lighting arrestor enables you to stay protected against secondary damage like strikes that hit energy tress and cause branches to fall.
  • We at SG Power, are committed to manufacturing and supplying a range of building lighting arresters or lighting arrestor rod. With this, we provide excellent solutions. Our lighting arrestor device is engineered to come with remarkable features that make sure complete protection from lightning effects. The lightning protection system manufactured by us ensures that the lighting discharges without damaging non-conducting parts of your structure building.
Building Lightning Arrester Supplier