Lightning Rods

  • SG Power is India‚Äôs leading lightning rod manufacturer, dedicated to providing, distributing, and supplying only cutting-edge products for lightning projection. Committed to quality, safety, and innovation, we look forward to safeguarding lives, assets, and properties from the devastating effects of lightning strikes.
  • Backed by a highly experienced team, we at SG Power Products are committed to achieving this goal by designing state-of-the-art lightning rods and lightning protection systems made from highly conductive materials to safely direct lightning strikes as well as cater to the highest industry standards.
  • Our Lightning Rods

  • The lightning rods engineered by the team at SG Power Products offer complete protection. The team of professionals crafts these rods using durable and corrosion-resistant materials. So, our rods have the capacity to withstand the harshest weather conditions.
Lightning Rods Manufacturer and Supplier

    Types of Lightning Rods We Offer

  • As a leading lightning rod manufacturer, SG Power Products designs a wide range of lightning rods, such as Air Terminals to safely conduct the electrical discharge into the ground. We also manufacture Grounding Systems to ensure a low resistance path for lightning current. In addition, we can help you with surge protection to shield electrical and electronic equipment from damage.
  • Qualities of Our Lightning Rods

  • The lightning rods designed by SG Power Products come with excellent qualities and features. Available in several designs like strike termination devices and air terminals, our rods can safely direct lightning strikes, provide a preferred path for lightning to follow, and resist corrosion for long-lasting durability.
  • The rods can ensure the lightning current is safely depressed into the earth. They can be tailored to meet your unique requirements. Plus, our lightning rods meet industry standards for reliability and safety.
  • Why Choose SG Power Products Pvt. Limited?

  • SG Power Products is the top Lightning rod manufacturer in India backed by a team of experienced engineers and experts in the field of lightning protection. Quality is never compromised during the production process and all products are examined and checked thoroughly by the quality inspection team to ensure they cater to the industry requirements. To meet the specific requirements of different we customize our products and continuously innovate to offer the best solutions.
  • If you are seeking the most trusted lightning protection for your business, home, or industrial facility, contact SG Power Products today and discuss your requirements. Or you can also call us to get more details about our products.