PVC, Nylon Frp Trefoil Clamp

  • SG Power is one of the leading PVC, Nylon Frp Trefoil Clamp Manufacturer and Supplier in India.
  • SG Power PVC & Nylon FRP Trefoil clamp is used to lay single core cables in Trefoil touching formation. It maintains symmetry and so avoids electromagnetic heating and loss of current.
  • At SG Power, we manufacture FRP Trefoil Clamp using high-quality raw materials to ensure international standards of quality blended with durability. The PVC & Nylon FRP Trefoil Clamp manufactured by us support Single Core PVC/ HRPVC, XLPE, XLPE Insulated Aluminum.
  • They also provide support for Earth, and Un Earth Power Cables. They are suitable for indoor or outdoor purposes and the optimum choice for vertical or horizontal running cables inside trenches or on racks/galleries.
  • Advantages of SG Power Trefoil Clamps
  • No chemical effects, atmosphere effect, or acids effects
  • Reduced breaking chances of Hooks due to Glass-filled Nylon material
  • Our clamps are available in different sizes and shapes
Nylon Frp Trefoil Clamp Manufacturer