Plastic Water Meter Protection Box

  • SG Power is a pioneering plastic water meter protection box manufacturer, serving the industry successfully in India for more than two decades. Leading the industry trends, we are committed to manufacturing, supplying, distributing, dealing, trading, and exporting different ranges of top-quality boxes crafted to safeguard water meters from unauthorized access and elements.
  • The team of engineers and professionals at SG Power makes these boxes using durable HDPE plastic that is available in a variety of sizes and colors to cater to your specific needs. These innovative products can protect water meters from damage. Generally, water meters measure water usage, making sure that you’re billed only for the water being used.
  • But certain elements, like snow, rain, ice, etc., can damage these meters. By using our plastic water meter boxes, you can protect your water meters from damage and extend their lifespan. Also, you can deter thieves and secure your meters from theft.
  • Qualities of Our Plastic Water Meter Protection Boxes

  • Since SG Power manufactures these plastic water meter protection boxes using durable High-Density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic, our products are durable and can bear challenging environmental conditions. Typically, HDPE is known for its chemical resistance, durability, lightweight, water and moisture resistance, recyclability, UV resistance, insulating properties, versatility, cost-effective and low environmental impact.
Plastic Water Meter Protection Box Manufacturer
  • In addition, we design these boxes focusing on strict quality control standards, which are supported by our comprehensive warranty. Also, the boxes designed by SG Power are lockable, which helps block unauthorized access to your water meters. They can meet your specific needs and are easy to maintain and install. These products are affordable, as we provide them at competitive prices. At SG Power, we design and provide the best quality boxes as well as quality after-sales support and services.
  • Plastic water meter boxes are made using high-grade materials.
  • Designed to safeguard water valves or meters effectively.
  • They come with chemical resistance and non-absorbent features.
  • Our products are fire-resistant with optional earth pit covers for heavy loads.
  • Good for measuring water usage in commercial and residential buildings.
  • Why Choose SG Power?

  • SG Power has been serving the industry for more than two decades. When you buy products from us, our experts can assist you in selecting the right boxes according to your needs. They’ll guide you through installing these devices. Further, you can receive excellent after-sales support from our experts. Contact us today to buy world-class and guaranteed boxes from India’s top plastic water meter protection box manufacturer.
Plastic Water Meter Protection Box Manufacturer