Solar Lightning Arrester

  • SG Power is one of the most reliable Solar Lightning Arrester Manufacturers in India. A lightning arrester is a type of technical device made on solar power systems.
  • The lightning arrester protects the insulation and conductors of the system from the effects of lightning. The typical lightning arrester comes with a high-voltage terminal and a ground terminal.
  • Our lighting arrester can protect electronic equipment. It can absorb electrical surges, not a substitute for good grounding. It also absorbs voltage spikes caused by electrical storms (or out-of-spec utility power)
  • Our lighting arresters are perfect for fast fault current dissipation. Our products require low maintenance on-site and they are easy and fast to install. Can easily be installed at communications towers, high rise buildings, television stations, Oil gas platforms, hospitals, schools, factories.
Solar Lightning Arrester Manufacturer and Supplier