Solar Pumps Lightning Arrester

  • SG Power is a leading Solar Pumps Lightning Arrester Manufacturer in India. Our solar pumps lightning arrester provides lightning Safety. It protects any isolated buildings from lighting.
  • This lighting arresters can be easily installed at the roof of the building or mast of a vessel. Our solar pump lighting arresters safely conduct the extremely high voltage current associated with the lightning strike.
  • This solar pumps lightning arrester is durable, the latest in design, and is used for arresting lightning. Our products ensure complete protection against fire breakouts and leakage of current through electric circuits.
  • Our lighting arresters are designed to using high-grade materials that meet the industrial standards. Our Solar Pumps Lightning Arrester can face bad and harsh weather. They come with excellent electrical dissipation characteristics.
Solar Pumps Lightning Arrester Manufacturer and Supplier