Surge Protection Device

  • A surge protection device (SPD) is used to keep electrical equipment safe from any voltage spikes. It features to regulate the voltage within your electrical devices (either through grounding or blocking). That’s why it is always at a safe level for electrical equipment.
  • At SG Power, we are engrossed in manufacturing, distributing, supplying, and exporting a vast variety of surge protection devices. These products are ideal for reduced replacement costs, reduced maintenance costs, and cost-effectiveness. The products that we manufacture and supply are suitable for installation in power distribution panels, communications systems, process control systems, and other heavy-duty industrial systems.
  • The device is also installed in residential service entrance electrical panels to protect equipment against electrical surges and spikes, including those caused by lightning. At SG Power, we manufacture voltage limiting and voltage switching components and many other types to allow more comfortable control of equipment.
  • If you are searching for a reliable and trusted surge protection device manufacturer in India, give a call to us. We are quick to respond to you and fulfill your requirements. We have the ability to manufacture offer a large number of SPD products at discount prices.
Surge Protection Device Manufacturer and Supplier in India