Type 2 Surge Protection Device

  • The Type 2 Surge Protection Device (SPD) is the main protection system used for the entire low voltage electrical installations. It is installed in each electrical switchboard or in every sub-distribution for the purpose of preventing the spread of overvoltage in the electrical installations and protecting the loads. The installation of type 2 SPD is the only way to ensure complete protection.
  • Generally, operations are the most frequent reasons that cause surge voltages. By installing the type 2 surge protection device manufactured by SG Power, you can ensure effective protection against these dynamic disturbance variables. Our type 2 SPD products are perfect to be used in industrial/commercial environments or residential buildings.
  • Get in touch with our experts if you are looking for type 2 surge protection devices from us. We are a reputable manufacturer, supplier, and distributor. We manufacture custom products based on the unique requirements of our clients.
Type 2 Surge Protection Device Manufacturer