Underground Valve Box

  • At SG Power, we believe that valves are the heart of your underground sprinkler system. They can provide proper control of what zones are on and off, when, and how much water passes through.
  • The underground vale box designed by us lives in a harsh environment. They are an ideal option for areas that see dramatic changes in temperature.
  • They provide protection. In general, it takes lower temperatures for the equipment to freeze below ground than it does above. So, many contractors have adopted valve boxes as the standard operating procedure.
  • Our underground Valve boxes create a serviceable environment for the valves. They are easy to install and offer an aesthetic value to a finished landscape. SG Power manufacture underground valve boxes for every industry.
  • Standard Features
  • Major weight advantage, SG Power valve box weighs moderate
  • Easy installation, no concrete apron required
  • Less chance of being damaged during installation and while in use
Underground Valve Box Supplier